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Our goal with this website is to educate and provide insight into which portable air conditioners & water heating units are the best. Changing from a tank to tankless system is an investment which will cost more upfront, but will benefit you much better down the road. Also, as summer approaches it’s important to find a good AC cooling solution for your home.

Click here for info on electric tankless water heater units.

Or click here for more info on the whynter arc-12sd, the whynter arc-14sh, the toyotomi tad-t40lw and the honeywell mn12ces. Also click here for in depth portable air conditioner reviews page or for info on the top portable air conditioner in 2014.

We also recently started learning more about portable commercial air conditioner units as well as specific server room air conditioner units. They are a lot bigger and cover much larger areas.

Navigate to this page if you would like to find the best portable air conditioner for your home or office building.

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